Family day care

Responding to the diverse needs of our community, our family day care service provides quality education and care programs for children between 6 weeks and 12 years of age in a secure and caring home environment. 


What do we provide? 

Kids' Early Learning Family Day Care provides flexible quality care and education. Depending on your family day care educator, you and your child's needs, a range of care options can be provided. One of the key benefits of family day care includes the variety of care which may be provided, these can include:

  • Weekend care
  • Overnight care
  • Part-time care
  • Before & after school care
  • Vacation care
  • Long day care  

Our family day care educators provide quality education based on our Ready for School and Ready for Life programs, our service is provided by a network of accredited educators who are trained and monitored under the Blacktown City Council Family Day Care Scheme.

Where is it offered?

Kids' Early Learning Family Day Care has over 70 locations across Blacktown and surrounding suburbs. With the growth of Western Sydney and child care demands, our family day care options are continually expanding. To find a Kids' Early Learning Family Day Care close to you and to discuss your needs, call us on (02)  9839 6800

How many children can be cared for? 

Each of our family day care educators can care for up to 7 children at once. This includes a mix of up to 4 children under school age and 3 school aged children.

Unlike childcare centres, all children in care engage in daily activities together. This often seeks the benefits of siblings being in the same group and younger/older children learning from one another and in response developing a lot quicker. The children gain a better bond and are less likely to feel excluded as they receive shared attention from the carer in a comfortable, hygienic and safe environment. The family day care educators are well aware of the different requirements for children across all ages. 

How do we implement early learning? 

Our purpose at Kids' Early Learning is to provide our community’s children with the best learning and social experience for school and life.

From their own homes, our educators provide education and care for up to 7 children (4 under school age and 3 attending school, including their own children) – providing children with the opportunity to learn and develop their social skills in a small group environment.

Through our network of educators, playgroups are also organised to give children the opportunity to interact in larger groups. As a Blacktown City Council entity, we often collaborate with council and community departments to enhance the children's learning and development with specialised activities and programs. 

Our programs are individualised for each child are challenging and appropriate to their stage of development, encouraging children to think, feel, ask and explore as well as enhance their feelings of self-esteem and self-worth. Our family day care educators provide quality education based on our Ready for School and Ready for Life programs. 

How can I get in touch? 

Call our Kids' Early Learning Family Day Care team directly to discuss vacancies near you on (02) 9839 6800. Alternatively you can fill out the contact form below.