Kids' Early Learning Riverstone

Meet the Director

Usha Hi, I'm Usha and I am the Director of Kids’ Early Learning Riverstone.

I have 23 years of experience of caring for and educating children. As a Early Childhood Professional, I believe that Early Childhood Education is pivotal in laying the foundation for all future learning at school. It has a significant impact on their ongoing educational success and future participation in society.

In my experience, I believe that effective communication is vital in building relationships, promoting change, good teamwork and great leadership.


Centre Features

Step 1.Services provided:

  • Long day care

Step 2.Ages: 

  • 6 weeks to 6 years (inclusive) 

Step 3.Capacity:

40 children per day 



Our purpose at Kids' Early Learning is to provide our community’s children with the best learning and social experience for school and life.

Our Ready for School and Ready for Life programs, help prepare children with communication and language, physical development, personal and social and emotional skills they need to be confident, self-assured and independent children. The program’s curriculum provides every child with an individualised program to suit their unique interests, stage of development and social skills. 

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