Kids' Early Learning Hassall Grove


Centre Features

Kids' Early Learning Hassall Grove is a long day care centre that offers quality care and early education for children between the age of 6 weeks and 6 years. 


  • Exceeding National Quality Standard rating
  • New playground and outdoor renovations coming in 2022
  • Chicken farm Close to the neighbourhood centre
  • Primary school is a short walk away, increasing centre's ability to engage with the school for their 'Transition to School' program
  • Staff speak several languages including Arabic, Gujarati, Tamil, Hindi, Nepali
  • Close to bus stops
  • Play-based educational programs, 'Ready for Life' and 'Ready for School' are taught at the service, which have been endorsed by professionals in the early childhood sector. They also reflect the Early Years Learning Framework and My Time, Our Place Framework, and complement the National Quality Standards
  • A part of the Munch & Move program
  • Programs, activities and learning experiences are individualised to suit each child's interests, stage of development and social skills, with collaborative involvement and feedback between families and educators
  • In partnership with Dalmarri to enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Learnings
  • Storypark communication platform is offered to families with tailored one-on-one feedback and photos about your child
  • Strong community links, with local excursions and special in-service activities and centre visits by Blacktown City Council education officers from BARC, Aqua Learn-to-Swim, Blacktown Arts, Blacktown City Libraries
  • Owned and operated by Blacktown City Council



Our purpose at Kids' Early Learning is to provide our community’s children with the best learning and social experience for school and life.

Our Ready for School and Ready for Life programs, help prepare children with communication and language, physical development, personal and social and emotional skills they need to be confident, self-assured and independent children. The program’s curriculum provides every child with an individualised program to suit their unique interests, stage of development and social skills. 

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