Preschool provides education and care for children aged 3 to 6 years preparing to start school.

Where is it offered? 

Preschool is available across 3 Kids' Early Learning centres between 9am - 3pm: 

What do we provide?

We provide the primary nurturing care young children need and the skills they need to be confident, self-assured and independent students. Our curriculum includes individualised programs that are designed to suit the level of each child’s stage of development and socialisation.

Our centres employ Early Childhood Teachers, Childcare Aides, Assistants and Cooks who are qualified and subject to ongoing training throughout their employment at Kids' Early Learning. All of our centres are fully facilitated with accredited indoor and outdoor areas to play, learn and discover. 

To encourage healthy eating and good habits for school children are asked to bring a clearly labelled nutritious, packed lunch and drink. This will also allow children with allergies and special diets to be monitored in the centre and again establish these habits for school. 

How do we implement early learning? 

Our purpose at Kids' Early Learning is to provide our community’s children with the best learning and social experience for school and life.

Our programs are individualised for each child are challenging and appropriate to their stage of development, encouraging children to think, feel, ask and explore as well as enhance their feelings of self-esteem and self-worth.

Our Ready for School and Ready for Life programs, help prepare children with communication and language, physical development, personal and social and emotional skills they need to be confident, self-assured and independent children. The program’s curriculum provides every child with an individualised program to suit their unique interests, stage of development and social skills. 

As a Blacktown City Council entity, we often collaborate with council and community departments to enhance the children's learning and development with specialised activities and programs. 

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