What are the advantages to family day care?

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Family day care offers quality child care in a home environment. Whether this is the best option for you will depend on your needs. Some advantages are:

  • Smaller groups. Your child will be with 3 other children during the school term and 6 other children during the school holidays. 
  • Your child will be in a comfortable home and family environment.
  • You only need to pay for the hours you need.
  • Some of our educators will work on public holidays, including Christmas and Boxing Day.
  • You won’t need to find alternative care for the school holidays.
  • Children are not separated by age groups so siblings will not be split up.
  • Flexible hours
  • We offer respite and emergency care.
  • You can claim your Child Care Subsidy benefits for the hours your child is in care.

We have 70 experienced educators from various backgrounds. If you want your child to speak a language other than English or have specific cultural requirements please let us know when you contact us.