Welcome to Kids’ Early Learning.  We understand you and your child’s needs now and as they grow and develop. To reach their full potential, children need to be cared for in the right environment and by the right people. At Kid’s Early Learning we offer all the factors that make us a unique and special place for your child.

Aspiration & Purpose
Our business aspiration and purpose align our programs and services ensuring the best learning environment for children.

‘Our community’s children deserve the best start to life’.

‘We provide our community’s children the best learning and social experience for school and life’.

All children have a right to be protected and cared for in a safe environment that reflects and shows respect for diversity.

  • We believe child protection and access to high quality education programs is every child’s right.
  • Families are acknowledged as the most integral part of a child’s life and we seek to work together to foster a sense of belonging for both the child and their family.
  • Our services are consistent with National Quality Standards, the National Regulations and National Law, and the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • We operate our services in an efficient and effective way, and consider the financial and environmental sustainability of the Council.
  • We will collaborate with other Council services to improve the overall delivery of children’s services to customers.

Kids’ Early Learning is owned and operated by Blacktown City Council.  We’ve been operating for more than 40 years and currently have over 1,100 children across 25 Centres making it one of the largest childcare operations in NSW.  We offer families a range of programs and services for children aged between 6 weeks and 12 years old.

As a not-for-profit Council-owned and operated business, we offer the assurance of appropriate monitoring and governance with a commitment to providing safe, affordable and accessible support services to the community we serve.


Kids' Early Learning is one of the largest child care operators in NSW.